About Ornö

Ornö is the largest island in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago, about 14 km long and 6 km at the widest point. Today there are about 300 inhabitants on Ornö and there are both pre-schools and schools for the younger children on the island. When starting high school, the children go by ferry to the Dalarö school. The largest employer is our sister company Ornö Sjötrafik AB, which operates the car ferry service between Ornö and Dalarö and today employs fifteen employees.

During the summer, the number of inhabitants increases significantly as there are a large number of holiday homes on Ornö. However, the island is not as touristy as many other archipelago islands. A large part of Ornö is a nature reserve, which means that nature remains untouched and provides opportunities for amazing natural experiences. Large nature areas invite you to boating, swimming, fishing, forest walks and hikes. The wildlife is rich with moose, deer, red deer, fox, beaver, mink, wild boar, seal, sea eagle, tears and many other bird species.

At Ornö you can find nine different lakes, which can all be reached by foot or by bicycle.

During the summer you can also take part of excursions with the “North / South” boat Line to other islands in the Stockholm archipelago.

At Kyrkviken on the eastern side of the island side there are; Ornö church, the Ornö museum, the “Ornö Krog och veranda” restaurant , a library, the “Gittans” Grill & Café, Ornö Bread shop and a gas station. There is also a small service shop next to the restaurant which is open during summertime. Certain weekends there are markets and other activities held on the island. The island’s SAR has its base here.

Ornö Church is well worth a visit. It is a white little wooden church from the 1880s and during the summer there are often concerts and other activities. The church is also very popular to get married in and at the cemetery, some of the people who inspired Strindberg in his famous novel Hemsöborna are buried.

Ornö museum is housed in an old mansion from the 18th century and has different exhibitions each year. Here you can shop for books, maps as well as take a cup of coffee or ice cream.

A weekend in December there is always a highly appreciated Christmas market at Hässelmara where you can buy local products.

At Mörbyfjärden on the west side of the island there are several sporting events during the summer, such as the Triathlon, tennis tournaments and the annual Ornö race. During the summer months, part of the race Ö to Ö goes across Ornö on its way towards the finish line on the neighbour island Utö.

For more information about what i happening on Ornö see Ornö Skärgård.

Ornö has sometimes been called for the secrecy island, which is partly correct. Both one and two ghost stories have been told about Ornö…

There is a lot to explore at Ornö. Feel free to borrow one of our bikes and discover the island!